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  • This project was partly created with the help of Thandy Draai, Cuebur and BokkieULT, well-known actors of the House scene, South African Tech. In 2018, Noom decided to go to Johannesburg for inspiration and was hosted by Cuebur. This step was a key period in the creation of Noom's artistic universe. There he met caring, talented and inspiring people. He also found himself in the Studio at Zakes Bantwini's with other artists such as Kususa, Karyendasoul and others. He was also visited the agency of Black Coffee, an artist for whom Noom has a lot of esteem since beyond his music, he conveys a strong image whether it is in his determination to achieve his goals or in his proximity to emerging artists to help them. Strong of this experience and the cultural richness he discovers, Noom is very inspired by African percussions. He then produced several pieces in collaboration with local artists and then came up with the idea of getting Swiss artists to sing, who mainly composed... folk. Bewildered by the result, even these Swiss singers got involved. Noom also recorded a song with Thandy Draai, author, singer, composer spotted by Wyclef Jean. - THE MUSIC - "I created my own universe through my musical travels but also my vision of current music. There are Swiss artists to discover absolutely! » "My pleasure is as much in the creative process which is constantly evolving as in the history of each of my pieces from their birth to their commercialization. »
  • CHD822000204 Credits Noom (composer, producer) Cuebur (composer) BokkieULT (composer) Noa Zalts (lyricist) Cuebur (mix & mastering) Compounded at Verified Beatz (South Africa) Big Fam Records (label)
  • CHD822000210 Crédits Noom (compositeur, producteur) Cuebur (compositeur) BokkieULT (compositeur) Marie Jay (parolière) Cuebur (mix & mastering) Composé chez Verified Beatz (Afrique du Sud) Big Fam Records (label)
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    This Pull (Size S) is available in limited edition. By buying this product, you participate directly in helping Noom realize his musical projects.
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