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Corporate FAQ2020-11-09T22:37:41+01:00
How to book Noom for a party, an event?2023-03-15T14:17:46+01:00

Don’t hesitate to contact his manager to ask her all the information you need.

In view of the current situation and having the concern to respect the sanitary standards, Noom makes itself available for smaller stages and even private events. He likes to be in contact with his audience and share the love that music transmits for life.

Don’t wait any longer to book your evening and don’t forget to give us as much information as possible so that we can offer you an unforgettable live set for your guests. Animations, catering and themed evenings possible.

I’m looking for an instrumental for my rap, house, pop song2020-11-10T07:37:33+01:00

Noom can as much as you offer instrumental music of different genres (Hip Hop, Trap, House, Pop & More). You can ask for a non-exclusive license on various instruments or an exclusive license on a composition made to measure according to your desires. Don’t miss your next hit!

Noom’s compositions often mix acoustic instruments with electronic elements.

In addition, Noom can also compose a complete piece on a theme of your choice. Possibility of ghost production!

Make us your custom request, we will gladly answer it.

How can I collaborate with Noom?2020-11-10T08:07:12+01:00

Feel free to comment on his posts and write to him on his social networks. You can also write an email to his manager, specifying your artist name with the link to your social networks, website, biography and a lot of your music. Don’t forget to specify what kind of collaboration you would like, is it a collaboration on a track? Are you a singer and would you like to do a featuring ?

I would like to ask questions to Noom, do an interview or an article2020-11-10T08:12:30+01:00

With more than ten years of experience in the field of contemporary music, Noom will gladly answer your questions or participate in your reflection.

Between radio and print media interviews, Noom will not fail to surprise you with his frank and open-mindedness as well as the many unusual stories he has lived through. Indeed, Noom says that each one of his songs is like a photo that you put in an album. His music allows him to keep a trace of his life, the place, peoples and precious moment.

I need a song for a video, an ad2020-11-11T08:50:31+01:00

Noom can provide you with quality music for all types of visual media. Two options are available to you, the use of a non-exclusive song or the use of an exclusive song and create a custom one according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us :

I wish to buy a Sweater, a T-shirt or something else2020-11-11T11:47:26+01:00

Noom offers you through its product store, all kinds of items: T-shirts, bobs, training, sweaters, caps and all those pieces that are not yet available to the general public. When you buy an item, not only do you participate greatly in the development of Noom’s career, but you also have the chance to be the first to listen to his next tracks.

Noom can also offer you the opportunity to personalize your clothes with its logo. More information in private message.

Thank you for your precious support

The Story Of Noom2023-03-15T14:19:06+01:00

Noom is an artist guided by his heart and soul. He had a precise vision of his art and was aware that his musical productions were entrusted to him by something magical or elusive. He felt it, as if he had been chosen to convey a message to the people of the earth. He was sensitive to the point of being able to marvel at the beauty of the fruits, the landscapes or the social interactions. Noom had a great ability to find singers, talented singers who were often unknown. He sought to sublimate his art and vision.

Noom spent a lot of time in his recording studio trying to capture the moment. Indeed, during one of his many travels, Noom had learned to let go and to improvise emotionally. At the time, he was in Johannesburg, South Africa. He remembers that magical moment when an artist had spontaneously sung on his song during a studio session. A real auditory orgasm.

From that moment on, Noom, lived and produced with this principle. Capturing the moment, offering listeners a rich and spontaneous musical experience. The success of his musical projects is constantly evolving and attracting new prospects. Noom, travels from city to city in search of the next collaboration that will get him high. He asked us to give you a message: “Listeners, artists, composers, we’ll see you soon, there’s no need to prepare, you’ll know when I’ll be there and you’ll just have to be yourself”!

Courageous, friendly, creative, sensitive, respectful, Noom says that limits do not stop at the sky, nor at the galaxy. We are nothing more than beings put on earth to carry out a mission and that it cannot be limited to the notion of success or recognition. All this is beyond us… He likes to work on his music at night because it feels like a dream but awake. That’s when the magic happens.

Noom pursues the mission for which he is here: to make you laugh (sometimes cry) and dance!

Album : Dreams & REALITY2020-11-11T12:50:53+01:00

Do you prefer to live in a reality that wants many people to suffer and a tiny part to realize their dreams? Noom prefers to live between dream and reality taking a team of singers and musicians with him into his world. A universe where everything is possible, even the sky is not the limit, there are still the stars, the moon and other universes that we don’t even suspect exist.

Beyond his passion for musical creation and its cultural influences, Noom has been a producer and artist manager for more than ten years. His recipe is simple: create without genre limits, let yourself be guided by your emotions, let go or capture the intensity of the present moment. No one knows what Noom has in store for us, what is certain is that he will not fail to surprise you.

In this first opus, he invited several musician friends and producer including Cuebur and BokkieULT (SA) as well as Sunsleepsun guitarist from Zurich. He also invited several singers including Mathew Newsam (CH), Noa Zalts(CH), A.W.A. (CH) and Thandi Draai (SA).

Each title has its own story, from its creation to its finalization and marketing. Noom often compares music to life: it’s an apprenticeship that never ends. The important thing is to have fun in the process, to believe in yourself and to help others to do the same.

ARTISTS – Track’s names Duration Release dates
1. Noom ft. Awa – Over The Moon 4 :33 01.01.21
2. Noom ft. Noa – Welcome The Night 6 :30 15.01
3. Noom & Cuebur FT Thandi Draai – Don’t Leave 6 :28 29.01
4. Noom ft. Mathew Newsam – Break The Circle 3 :45 12.02
5. Noom ft. Joshua Howlett – Drive 3 :50 26.02
6. Noom – Feel Free 4 :08 12.03
7. Noom ft. Marie Jay – Purple Neon 5 :53 09.04
8. Noom Ft Joshua Howlett – When The Sky Fall Down 6 :05 23.04
9. Noom Ft Mathew Newsam – Morning Light 4 :34 07.05
10. Noom ft. Noa – Back to the Start  4 :10 21.05

This project was partly created with the help of Thandy Draai, Cuebur and BokkieULT, well-known actors of the House scene, South African Tech. In 2018, Noom decided to go to Johannesburg for inspiration and was hosted by Cuebur. This step was a key period in the creation of Noom’s artistic universe. There he met caring, talented and inspiring people. He also found himself in the Studio at Zakes Bantwini’s with other artists such as Kususa, Karyendasoul and others. He was also visited the agency of Black Coffee, an artist for whom Noom has a lot of esteem since beyond his music, he conveys a strong image whether it is in his determination to achieve his goals or in his proximity to emerging artists to help them.

Strong of this experience and the cultural richness he discovers, Noom is very inspired by African percussions. He then produced several pieces in collaboration with local artists and then came up with the idea of getting Swiss artists to sing, who mainly composed… folk. Bewildered by the result, even these Swiss singers got involved. Noom also recorded a song with Thandy Draai, author, singer, composer spotted by Wyclef Jean.


“I created my own universe through my musical travels but also my vision of current music. There are Swiss artists to discover absolutely! »

“My pleasure is as much in the creative process which is constantly evolving as in the history of each of my pieces from their birth to their commercialization. »


For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by email:

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